Congratulations 2016 Champions!

  • RI Platinum, C Division
  • RI Renaissance, D Division

July 2nd-3rd, 2016 in BOSTON

Tournament Results

1st Place: RI Platinum, Providence
2nd Place: Dudes & Divas, Boston
3rd Place: Providence Eagle Wingmen, Providence

1st Place: RI Renaissance, Providence
2nd Place: Les Phenix, Montreal
3rd Place: Ego Maniacs, Providence

Tournament E-Book

Minuteman Classic 2016 E-Book

Check out the Back Bay Hilton our Host Hotel

Per Night: $199

Here are the Round Robin Schedule and Brackets

C Division
D Division

Current Signed Teams

Division Team City/League
C Diablos Boston, MA
C Fired uP Boston, MA
C Krew Tampa, FL
C NYC Gym Sports Bar New York, NY
C NYC Mustangs New York, NY
C Providence Eagle Wingmen Providence, RI
C Providence Platinum Providence, RI
C Rated R Providence, RI
C RI Zombies Providence, RI
C Dudes & Divas Boston, MA
C X-Factors Boston, MA
D Club Cafe Bandits Boston, MA
D Club Cafe Fierce Boston, MA
D Egomaniacs Providence, RI
D Le Phenix Montreal, CAN
D Pounders Toronto, ON
D RI Morse Rebels Providence, RI
D RI Renaissance Providence, RI
D Stray Cats Boston, MA
D Whiplash Boston, MA